Phulera Dooj 2023 Date Time and Importance

Phulera Dooj 2023 Date Time and Importance

Phulera Dooj 2023 Date and Celebration

One of North India’s most beloved festivals, Phulera Dooj is celebrated with great enthusiasm on ‘Dwitiya’ (2nd day) of Shukla Paksha during Phalgun as per Gregorian calendar. This festival is particularly observed in Braj region – particularly Mathura and Vrindavan where Lord Krishna spent much of His life.

On the auspicious eve of Phulera Dooj, worshipers from across India descend upon temples dedicated to Lord Krishna to seek His blessings. At these shrines, Lord Krishna’s idol is decked out in a white garba and placed beneath a vibrant floral mandap for protection.

At these temples dedicated to Radha and Krishna, special rituals are performed. These include the distribution of sweets and gifts to devotees as well as signalling the start of Holi celebrations.

Phulera Dooj, also known as ‘Bhajan of Flowers’, is one of India’s most beloved Hindu festivals that is observed with great fervor and enthusiasm in northern states. Legend has it that Lord Krishna played with flowers on this day and took part in Holi festival celebrations afterwards.

The second day of Phalgun, generally considered to be auspicious and fortunate, is ideal for wedding ceremonies. Additionally, this day has a dosha-free vibe and is considered ideal for beginning a new business venture.

In some parts of the world, Holi is celebrated as a family affair with friends and relatives. People decorate their homes with vibrant flowers and indulge in lots of sweet treats.

Some people believe this festival strengthens their love relationships and aids them in overcoming all difficulties of marriage life. Couples experiencing difficulties can offer flowers, yellow clothes and laddus to Lord Krishna and Radha on this day.

Furthermore, it is believed that this festival brings blessings for those who have married a cow or peacock. On this day, they can feed or serve the animal to obtain Lord Krishna and Radha’s blessings.

Rural dwellers cherish this holiday as it marks the last chance to celebrate their traditional festivals and devotion to God.

Furthermore, this festival is an essential holiday for newlyweds who have just finalized their marriage arrangements and can’t wait to start their lives together. This day is traditionally considered free from doshas (negative energies) and auspicious for marriages.

Selecting the ideal date for your wedding ceremony is of utmost importance. Not only will it determine your future happiness and prosperity, but also ensure that it takes place at a time that suits both of you.

North India celebrates Phulera Dooj as a significant festival for couples. It is considered to be the last dosha-free and fortunate day of the year, making it ideal for marriage or business ventures.